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What is the charge for tax service?

We have two methods for handling fees, one is on an hourly basis and the other is a flat fee. Both are dependent on the requirements of the client.

If I need legal advice can you suggest a reputable law firm?

Straight forward the answer is yes. We work with a number of offices throughout the Ottawa region and can help find a law office that fits your needs.

Is there a cost difference between year end taxes and other filings?

Naturally, the cost is dependent on the amount of work involved. It is best to call and arrange a free consultation.

I have a “Demand to File” what do I do now?

Quit simply, yes, this is well within our wheel house of expertise

Is there a way I may contact the C-RA?

For personal tax questions call: 1-800-959-8281, and
for corporate tax questions call: 1-800-5525

How do I become a client?

Give us a call and set up an appointment, or become a referral from a present client

Do you take on new clients each tax season?

yes we do, we are always ready and willing to help filing tax returns

Comparatively speaking, which is leased expensive, outsourcing or hiring a bookkeeper outright?

This is highly dependent on your needs, however, it is cost effective for a small business to outsource to escape the, sometimes, over expenditure of having an in house bookkeeper. Call us and we can explain further how outsourcing is beneficial.

What information do I need to file my taxes?

All receipts having to do with all types of expenses as a result of doing business

What is the cut off date for filing?

It is always midnight of the 31st of April each year. If sending your return by mail it must have a post mark prior to this time and date for it to be considered filed on time.

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